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Historic Retracing of Rinker Buck's Flight Of Passage Across the US. Cross Country Voyage Retraces Flight Made 48 Years Ago in the Same Aircraft, A Piper PA-11 6/5/14


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My Love Affair with Piper Tripacers by Phil Hoy Note: Phil has donated his Tripacer to the Museum


The Piper Tripacer Goes NASCAR by Phil Hoy


Museum Page Updates/Information/Other


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Young Aviators Summer Camp For Kids At Piper Museum. Click For Photos


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Fly-In To Piper Memorial Airport (KLHV) For Your FAA Medical Certification.


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Older and Other Items of Interest


In late 1930, William T. Piper purchased the assets of Taylor Brothers Aircraft Corporation for $761 and reorganized as the Taylor Aircraft Company. In 1935 Piper bought out C.G. Taylor who had remained in the role of company president. The factory was then located in Bradford PA. Taylor left the company and went on to form the Taylorcraft Aircraft Company.

In 1937 a fire destroyed the Bradford factory and Piper relocated to an abandoned silk mill in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. By November, 1937, all traces of Taylors' involvement with the company were erased when it was renamed the Piper Aircraft Corporation.

The Piper Aircraft Corporation which maintained its headquarters in Lock Haven from 1937 until its closing in 1984, is well known for its “Cub” and for a series of aircraft bearing Indian names such as Aztec, Cherokee, Cheyenne, Comanche, Navajo, and Pawnee. Piper Aircraft Corporation grew to become the world’s leading producer of general aviation aircraft. Piper aricraft manufactured by date include:

In 1997, the Piper Aviation Museum acquired the former Piper Engineering building, which is located adjacent to the William T. Piper Memorial Airport. The museum is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the history of Piper Aircraft and displaying many of those archives for public viewing. The museum also offers an online and in-store Gift Shop with a variety of items related to Piper Aviation.

Many Piper Aircraft can be seen in action during “Sentimental Journey” — an annual “fly-in” event at the William T. Piper Memorial Airport, held each year since 1985. The 2014 Fly-In celebrated the 29th anniversery of this popular event. We hope you can attend the 2015 show.

Please consider becoming a musuem member and or making a donation. You will not only underline your interest in Piper Aviation, but will help to support and maintain the museum.

We are glad you stopped by and hope you visit again as new items will be added and information will be revised.

Board Of Directors, Piper Aviation Museum



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