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Welcome to the New and Improved Piper Aviation Museum Gift Shop.  Please take a few  moments to browse our inventory below.  There are many items for the CUB enthusiasts that make great gifts. 

     The museum’s primary method of shipment is United States Postal Service (USPS), but if you would like to have your items shipped via UPS or Express Service, we can accommodate you with that request.  Just call the museum at 570-748-8283 to place your order and request special shipping.  This also applies for international sales. 

     You can use a major Credit/Debit Card OR PayPal as a source of payment. To place an order with money order or personal check, please call the museum at 570-748-8283 for instructions. If you have any problems navigating the website (broken links) or if you have any problem placing the order, please send us an email at

     We are always looking for new ideas for merchandise in our shop.  If you don’t see what you like, please drop us a note and let us know what you are interested in.          

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10-001      Yellow Cub Bear Hat-Adult
10-002      Yellow Cub Bear Hat-Youth
10-003      J-3 Brass Plate Hat
10-004      J-3 Printed Hat
10-005      Cub Bear Vintage Logo Hat
10-006      Navy J-3 Embroidered Hat
10-007      Denim J-3 Embroidered Hat
10-008      Black PAM Hat
10-009      Tan Arrow Hat
10-010      Tan Aztec Hat
10-011      Tan Cherokee Hat
10-012      Tan Cherokee Six Hat
10-013      Tan Tri-Pacer Hat
10-014      Tan Warrior Hat

20-001      Yellow Cub Tee (Child)
20-002      Yellow Cub Tee (Adult)
20-003      Blue Born to Fly Tee (Child)
20-004      Pink Born to Fly Tee (Child)
20-005      Future Pilot Tee (Child)
20-006      Gray J-3 Tee (Adult)
20-007      Vintage J-3 Tee (Adult)
20-008      Tri-Pacer Tee (Adult)
20-009      White J-3 Tee (Adult)
20-010      White Super Cub Tee (Adult)
20-011      White Cherokee Tee (Adult)
20-014      Tye-Dye Tee (Adult)
20-017      Words/Wisdom Tee (Adult)
20-018      Legend J-3 Tee (Adult)
20-030      Polo- Yellow Cub (Adult)
20-040      Hawaiian Shirt-Island Mist
20-041      Hawaiian Shirt- Green Palm
20-050      Yellow L/S Cub Tee (Child)
20-051      Yellow L/S Cub Tee (Adult)
20-052      Gray Piper Hoodie (Adult)
20-053      Blue Pullover J-3 Fleece

30-001      PAM Pin
30-002      Piper Logo Pin
30-003      Cub Bear Logo Pin
30-005      Super Cub Pin
30-006      Archer Pin
30-007      Arrow Pin
30-008      Aztec Pin
30-009      Comache Pin
30-010      Navajo Pin
30-011      Cessna Pin
30-020      Compass Rose Button

40-001      Color Change Pencils
40-002      PAM Pen
40-004      Keep'em Flying Notepad
40-005      Postcards
40-006      Letter Opener

50-003      L-Birds
50-004      Aviation and PA
50-005      Close Encounters…Pilot
50-006      WASP
50-007      Lock Haven
50-008      Beatrice Conrad
50-100      The Cub That Roared (DVD)

60-001      Gliders
60-002      Balsa Wood Gliders
60-005      Aero Props
60-009      Ceiling Spinner
60-015      Stuffed Animals
60-016      PAM T-Shirt Teddy Bear
60-017      Airplane Playing Cards     
60-100      Die-Cast Cherokee
60-102      Die-Cast Wright Flyer
60-103      Die-Cast Liberator

70-001      Altimeter Clock
70-003      Aviator Piggy Bank
70-004      Bear in Airplane
70-005      J-3 Suncatcher
70-006      Metal Cub Bear Sign
70-007      Metal Low Flying Sign
70-100      Pet Bowls         
70-200      J-3 Yard Spinner
70-201      Dog Yard Spinner
70-203      Cow Yard Spinner

80-001      Yellow PAM Mug
80-002      J-3 Mug
80-003      Vintage J-3 Mug
80-004      Tri-Pacer Mug
80-005      Chicks Fly Mug
80-100      Cub Bear Shot Glass
80-101      Neon Shot Glass
80-200      Etched Piper Logo Tumbler
80-201      J-3 PAM Pint Glass
80-300      Brass Travel Mug
80-301      J-3 Water Bottle
80-400      Brown Cub Stoneware Mug
80-401      Blue J-3 Stoneware Bowl
80-500      Airplane S & P Shakers

90-001       Messenger Bag
90-002       Grocery Tote
90-100       Trunk Organizer

11-001       J-3 Santa Ornament
11-002       J-3 Round Ornament
11-003       Berlin Airlift Ornanament
11-004       Snowman Light-Up Ornament

12-001       J-3 Keychain
12-002       Dog Tag Keychain
12-005       RBF Lanyard   
12-100       Cub Bear Patch
12-101       J-3 Patch
12-102       Pam Patch
12-201       J-3 Magnet
12-203       Some Landings Magnet
12-300       Large Cub Bear Decal
12-301       Small Cub Bear Decal
12-400       Piper License Plate